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The German Bakery in Pokhara Lakeside is one of the highlights in your culinary adventures. The chief true to local lore, studied 'somewhere close to Europe..'  The chocolate cake is fine indication that something did sink in and for 60 Rs you might just have two pieces I know I did. After that might be a Veg Pasty (veg patty) Chicken Pasty, Danish Pastry (same as the Cinnamon roll but with nuts) Fruit Cake (45Rs) very good with a cup a Chai from Boomerang Restaurant.  Going trekking? Need trekking bread? Well here is the place no less than 9 grains, hard as rock bread, includes lots of hemp seeds. Black forest cake gives a kick of real Nepali  rum and often some sweat from a thumb print.

 There are three locations of the Germany Bakery in Pokhara:

1) Dam Side, this is a nice place to relax if your heading to the stupa, there is a up stairs patio, daily news paper with your bucket of chai.

2) Lake Side at Boomerang. This is just an outlet so you have to order drinks separately which usually causes some confusion. Pick up your cake and head out to the garden and enjoy the lake view.  3) Lakeside north, is another less busy same bakery.


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0 # Rajesh Thapa 2017-08-16 15:21
Please avoid eating the items which are displayed unpacked inside display cases. Take your time and you'll probably find flies along with them. It's not hygienic. Also the items tend to be stale sometimes. Be careful and eat healthy !!
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