Bahini Cafe

Pokhara Lakeside - Pokhara Restaurants

Just opened the Bahini Cafe has done something miraculous in Pokhara: baked real bread! Sure you can get bread in Pokhara since the hippies first arrived in the 70's, that and chocolate cake. Problem is the original Nepali understanding of how to make bread has change to the a Nepali style bread that contains some fillers, sugar and milk, maybe eggs.
Quiet a disappointment after a while. So the Bahini Cafe is an initiative for women development (Bahini means younger sister in Nepali) and if they can keep it up it will surely be a great successful. As it is now, the Bahini Cafe' is the best bakery for brown bread, sandwiches and chocolate cake. Everything seems to be made to a western standard- Bravo!


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